The genuine stone veneer with rough-split haptics

Differences regarding color and structure of the rough-split surface are by no means accidental. It is natural stone veneer being millions of years old and uniquely charming. No imitation can achieve this.


Wall application

Product: StoneVeneer Black Line

Furniture front

Product: StoneVeneer Black Star

Kitchen front

Product: StoneVeneer Multi Color

Kitchen front

Product: StoneVeneer Gold Green

Wall application

Product: StoneVeneer Autumn


Features of StoneVeneer:

Easy to process
Easy to process with standard tools by the experienced specialist or do-it-yourselfers

Unlimited possibilities
Timeless design with unlimited possibilities for the  manufacture of furniture, for walls, floors and ceiling.

Unique and natural colors
The natural colors are lightfast and UV resistant. Unique optics with the natural product stone.

Carrier plate either with 18 mm (0.7“) MDF with melamine resin coating on the back, or 18 mm (0.7“) birch multiplex
Sheet 1-1.5 mm (0.04 to 0.06“) with GFK reinforcement on the back. Optional primer for bonding with adhesives

Technical data

Video StoneVeneer

Technical data

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