Perfect solutions for every requirement

Richter akustik & design has been successfully developing innovative surfaces and creative acoustic solutions for architects and designers for many years. Our large product range convinces with a great variety of design possibilities and at the same time easy handling.

With our diverse acoustic systems and design surfaces, we provide you with products that are ideal for a wide variety of construction projects, for example offices, entrance areas, event halls or trade fair buildings.

Acoustic solutions


Meets the highest requirements in the sound insulation

Acoustic-Lightboard® impresses with high sound absorption and low weight. The combination of a microperforated surface with a close-meshed honeycomb…


Striking lines for fine acoustics

Vertically suspended acoustic louvres that can be produced individually with different dimensions, surfaces and perforations. The type of installation can be…


Acoustic panels for interior design

Acoustic-CompactBoard®, the classic design for large-areas, acoustically effective wall and ceiling panels. The construction of acoustically optimized carrier board and…


Ready-made design panel for unlimited design options

The Acoustic-CompactPanel® stands for linear design, paired with many possibilities in sophisticated and fast interior design. The Acoustic-CompactPanel® is available as a fully assembled…


Acoustic comfort with exclusive design

Acoustic-RibPanels consist of wood-based panels that are individually manufactured with different surfaces and fixed to an acoustic felt support with appropriate spacing…

Acoustic-RibPanel Slim

Acoustic comfort, discreet design

Acoustic-RibPanels Slim consist of an acoustic felt support that can be covered with different surfaces and designed with individual slotted grids. These ready-to-use elements…


Space design with pleasant sound effects

Acoustic-Grilles consist of vertical lamellas which can be manufactured individually with different surfaces and dimensions. The connection of the lamellas among each other is done either by means…

Design surfaces


Concrete made lightweight

In terms of its properties, aesthetics and haptic qualities, concrete is unique, underscoring modern architecture with a dignified restraint and being used with increasing frequency…


The genuine stone veneer with rough-split haptics

Differences regarding color and structure of the rough-split surface are by no means accidental. It is natural stone veneer being millions of years old and uniquely charming…