Concrete made lightweight

In terms of its properties, aesthetics and haptic qualities, concrete is unique, underscoring modern architecture with a dignified restraint and being used with increasing frequency in contemporary as well as timeless interior design, such is the appeal of its characteristic features.

By exploiting the special tactile qualities and incorporating LightBeton® components that have been used successfully many times before, we are able to make an extraordinary interior design in concrete possible: whether in retail store design or exhibition stand construction, for shop systems or in the restaurant sector, whether in public buildings or in private dwellings. The multiple award-winning concrete composite material with real concrete surface opens up new possibilities for unconventional design and inspiring living spaces. It is reliable and is subject to continuous quality control.



LightBeton® Retro

Wall cladding



Counter / Office


LightBeton® Classic grey

Wall claddings / Furniture claddings

Puma Shop

LightBeton® Classic grey

Puma Shop at the MALL in Dubai

Trade show booth

LightBeton® Retro

At the Geneva Motor Show

Office / Hall

LightBeton® Classic white

Wall claddings

Bar / Restaurant

LightBeton® Authentic

Wall claddings

Office / Meeting room

LightBeton® Formwork

Wall claddings

Gallery / Studio

LightBeton® Classic anthrazit

Wall claddings


Creative freedom with concrete

An extensive wall design or the typical character of formwork with bolting holes: to give your ideas room to expand, we offer our LightBeton® in a variety of finishes and colour shades.

Classic grey



Classic white



Outside concrete, inside light

Shrinkage cavities, colour hues, fine fissures – features typical of concrete – are the hallmarks that set our LightBeton® apart. Once processed, it is undistinguishable from solid concrete. The look and touch are the same as “real” concrete. Quality that you can see and feel in every last detail is what makes this product truly exceptional. Concrete as a light-weight for a wide range of interior design applications.

Shrinkage cavities
Typical air voids, deep structure, original aesthetics, a feature typical of concrete.

Hairline cracks
Occasional hairline cracks are typical of concrete.

Colour fluctuations
Random colouring takes place by the cement, various nuances are intended and authentic.


2 x 1.5 mm LightBeton®
16 mm MDF carrier
Fire protection consolidated certification B-s2, d0

LightBeton® Pur
1.5 mm LightBeton®

2 x 1.5 mm LightBeton®
16 mm MDF carrier
Formwork 01 and 02 with continuous rebate

2 x 1.5 mm LightBeton®
Front face micro-perforation
Carrier, acoustically effective
Backside LightBeton with acoustic fleece

>>> Further information can be found under Acoustic-CompactBoard

Easy to process

Cement and mineral fibres, cured to form hard limestone, carry the outer concrete layer. With some basic knowledge, the material is easy to process. Contact our sales department to get detailed processing guidelines. You’ll become a LightBeton pro in no time!

LightBeton can be processed with all the standard carbide tools used in the woodworking industry. To cut the material saw blades with alternating teeth are preferably used. For optimum cutting and milling results as well as a longer tool life, the cutting speed and feed rate should be matched accordingly.

Cutting  |  Machine milling  |  Manual milling

The standard panels can be efficiently edged using edge-banding machinery, similar to veneered panels. 1 mm LightBeton® and ABS edges are available as standard.

Edge-banding machine  |  LightBeton® edge  |  ABS edge

Milling, bevelling and rounding
The panels that are provided with a 1.5 mm homogeneous concrete covering layer on both sides are easy to machine, e.g. for milling/shaping, bevelling and producing roundings.

Milling  |  Bevelling  |  Rounding

All LightBeton® standard panels are pre-coated at the factory with our water-based two-component acrylic sealant “WBAS 1993”. Vertical applications for walls and the furniture sector are thus protected against soiling. Horizontal applications for shelves, tables and other uses subject to heavier wear and stress should finally be coated completely (including the edges) after processing/machining. The WBAS 1993 sealant can be applied by cup gun or by hand roller. For further processing information regarding the use of WBAS 1993 consider the corresponding technical datasheet.

Sealing  |  Mitre corner  |  Edge with bevel

Bonding & LightBeton® Pur 1.5 mm
For further application we offer a 1.5 mm pure concrete sheet for direct bonding. Two slave boards with viewing windows provides protection in transit and helps support the cut sheet. The bonding of LightBeton® wood composite boards can be carried out with dispersion glue, contact adhesive and reactive resin in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Backing paper
Free-standing applications, such as fronts, require a LightBeton® layer on both sides. In the case of permanently fixed elements a counteracting backing paper may be sufficient, depending on the size of the element and the installation conditions.
At the factory all standard panels are bonded on both sides with 1.5 mm thick LightBeton® on a 16 mm thick B1-MDF using PUR hot-melt. All panels come fire-rated and are covered by the fire protection consolidated certification B-s2, d0. The processor is responsible for checking whether the LightBeton® products are suitable for the intended application.

LightBeton® Pur between slave boards

Technical Data Sheet

For the technical data sheet please download this PDF.

Technical Information

Information about coating, cleaning, maintenance and disposal as a PDF file.


With the REPAIR-MIX repair set, minor damage such as scratches and holes on LightBeton® surfaces can easily become nearly invisible.


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