Design with a room effect for a pleasant sound experience

Acoustic-Grilles consist of vertical slats that can be individually produced with different surfaces, widths and lengths. The slats are attached to each other using either aluminium tubes or plywood strips. These prefabricated grille elements can be attached to corresponding T-profiles of standard grid ceilings by clips.

Acoustic comfort and discreet design

Acoustic-RibPanels are made of slats, which are individually manufactured with different surfaces and attached to acoustic PET Felt panels. These ready-to-use elements can be easily assembled.

Striking lines for perfect acoustics

Acoustic-Baffles are vertically suspended acoustic wood slats that can be produced in a variety of dimensions, surfaces and perforations. The type of assembly can be adapted as required by the project.



Entrance hall

Acoustic-Grilles, Oak veneer

Ceiling cladding


Acoustic-Grilles, LightBeton® Classic Grey

Ceiling cladding

Entrance hall

Acoustic-RibPanels, LightBeton® Retro

Wall cladding


Acoustic-RibPanels, StoneVeneer Multi Color

Wall cladding


Acoustic-Baffles, Oak veneer

Ceiling suspension



Acoustic comfort has a major influence on how a room is experienced. Acoustic-Grilles offer an ideal acoustic solution with natural charm. The height and configuration of the slats can create the acoustic effectiveness and the desired atmosphere.

Sound is passed through the open areas between the slats behind the Acoustic-Grilles by means of reflection. An acoustic fleece laminated on the back side provides an extended absorption performance. In addition, it offers the possibility to conceal the ceiling construction or cabling underneath.

Flexibility of design

Acoustic-Grilles offer architects and designers a freedom of design. Installed grilles appear to be seamless among each other. Only the joints between the grilles or between grilles and room boundaries must be at least 10 mm in the longitudinal direction.


The installation can be done on ceilings as well as on walls. The variety of surfaces ranges from wood veneers to laminates, stained and laquered finishes to our LightBeton surfaces. Acoustic-Grilles can be combined with different lighting types and systems or other technical components.

Area lighting behind the slats
LED lighting behind the slats
Integrated LED lighting in the slats


Depending on the thickness and distance of the slats, the Acoustic-Grilles can be produced between 300 and 500 mm (11.8” and 19.7”) in width. The length of the slats can be between 500 and 2700 mm (19.7” and 106.3”), depending on the pitch of the T-profiles (other length on demand). Connection of single slats, can be different in dimensions and surfaces within a grill if necessary. This can give the wall or ceiling surfaces their own special character.


Acoustic-Grilles are defined and specified by the basic five characteristics:
X = Number of slats
A = Distance between slats
B = Thickness of slats
C = Height of slats
D = Width of grille

Standard dimensions of the slats:
Lengths: 500 - 2700 mm (19.7”-106.3”)
Height [C]: 45 - 150 mm (1.8” - 5.9”)
Thickness [W]: 12 - 51 mm (0.5” - 2.0”)
Standard width grill [D]: 305 mm (12.0”)
(additional dimensions upon request).


Acoustic-Grilles can be easily attached to 24 mm (1.0”) T-profiles for standard grid ceiling systems. These should be suspended according to the later expected surface load weight. The grills can be fastened with J- or U-Clips. These allow an easy dismantling of individual areas even after installation if needed.



Acoustic-Grilles weigh between 9 and 30 kg/m2 (1.85 and 6.15 lbs/sqft), depending of the dimensions and number of slats.



Enjoy the charm of natural surfaces in combination with the acoustic effectiveness of felt. Hitting sound is passed through the distances between the slats and absorbed by the felt behind them.

Depending of the slat width and distance, the acoustic effectiveness can be further adjusted.

Flexibility of design

Acoustic-RibPanels offer a great deal of design freedom with a low build-up thickness. The panels can be continuously mounted for a seamless look. Due to their linear appearance, visual directions or different room emotions can be created. In addition to the lightweight wall mounting, the relatively low weight also allows the application in ceiling areas.

In addition to laminates and stained or laquered veneers, our StoneVeneer real slate surfaces and urban LightBeton surfaces are also available. You can also choose from a variety of different felt designs and decors to set individually accents.


With a standard dimension of 2800 x 600 mm (110.2” x 23.6”) even large areas can be designed fast and easy. The overlapping construction of the Acoustic-RibPanels makes it easy to attach additional surfaces. Optionally, larger individual dimensions are also available.


Acoustic-RibPanels are made of wood-based slats, which are laminated with the chosen surfaces. These are mounted with a corresponding distance on a 12 mm (0.5”) acoustic felt.


Standard dimensions
Length: 2800 mm (110.2”)
Width: 600 mm (23.6”), wider upon request
Thickness: approx. 24 mm (1.0”), depending of the selected surface design

Standard grid
Width of ribs: 24 mm (1.0”)
Distance: 7 mm (0.3”)
(further grids available upon request)

Acoustic-RibPanels are available in different dimensions, surfaces and acoustic felt décors


The assembly can be performed by direct nailing, with staples, screwing or rear fixation with fasteners. Direct application with a strong mounting adhesive is also possible.

Environmental friendliness

The acoustic felt panels are made of recycled materials and are also 100% recyclable.



Acoustic RibPanels weigh between 10 and 12.5 kg/m2 (2.05 and 2.55 lbs/sqft), depending on the dimensions and number of slats.



High rooms with wide ceiling areas offer an ideal starting point for optimizing room acoustics with baffles.

The sound that hits the baffles is mostly absorbed and the remaining sound energy is diffused and reflected by the vertical baffles. The acoustic effectiveness can be optimized depending on the width and spacing of the slats.

Flexibility of design

Acoustic-Baffles offer designers the opportunity to set linear accents without completely covering the ceiling surfaces. In this way, concrete ceilings or technical installations can flow into the overall concept.

In addition to laminates and wood stains, you can also choose from natural wood veneers or our urban real concrete LightBeton surfaces. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we are happy to source any commercially available wood veneer for you.


Acoustic-Baffles can be easily adapted to different systems and conditions. Due to the self-contained character of the Acoustic-Baffles, not only flat applications but also partial or accentuating applications are possible. The dimensions can be adjusted as required by the project.


Acoustic-Baffles consist of an acoustically optimized carrier material that is covered with the specified perforated surfaces.

Maximum specification dimensions

Length: 3000 mm (118.1“)
Width: 600 mm (23.6”)
Thickness: 50 mm (2.0“)
Special custom requirements of sizes, shapes and configurations are available upon request.


Acoustic-Baffles weigh between 10 and 20 kg/m² (2.05 and 4.10 lbs/sqft), depending on their dimensions.


The assembly and installation can be done with wire rope suspension systems on existing ceilings. This installation variant enables the Acoustic-Baffles to be positioned freely in the ceiling area as well as to adjust the suspension height. Alternatively grid ceiling profiles can be used for the assembly of uniform and large-area baffle installations.


Acoustic-Grilles, Acoustic-RibPanels and Acoustic-Baffles are available in various finishing options. All products offer a variety of surfaces - from wood veneers to laminates and paints to our authentic LightBeton® surfaces.

Our Acoustic-RibPanels also offer Richter original Stone-Veneer - real stone veneer made of natural slate for your wall design. There are no limits to the design and variety - RAL-colors are also available.

Wood veneer

for Acoustic-Grilles, Acoustic-RibPanels and Acoustic-Baffles  -  additional veneer versions are available upon request:



for Acoustic-Grilles, Acoustic-RibPanels and Acoustic-Baffles

Classic grey
Classic anthrazit
Classic white


only for Acoustic-RibPanels  -  other stone veneer finishes are available upon request:

Multi Color
Black Star
Gold Green


only for Acoustic-RibPanels  -  other felt décors are available upon request:

Grey mottled

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